Twins' Post-Bedtime Party Goes Viral

Mar 20, 2017 at 1:11 p.m. ET
Image: Image Source/Getty Images

If you've ever seen the hard-hitting, twins anthropology documentary The Parent Trap, then you know twins are pretty much nuts. And these days, double the offspring means double the chances a family will go viral— which is exactly what happened to Susana and Jonathan Balkin when they decided to spy on their identical toddler twins, Andrew and Ryan, post-bedtime.

"We heard a whole bunch of giggling, so we started spying on them," Jonathan Balkin told Today.

Sounds legit. Using a home monitoring system, the Balkin parents were able to figure out the source of all the giggles.

Turns out the boys were climbing out of their cribs to create elaborate gymnastics routines, build pillow forts, and enjoy some cuddle sessions. Naturally.
The video of Andrew and Ryan getting their party on after lights-out has garnered over 11 million views. Not half bad, considering this is what half of America's toddlers probably do after their parents put them to bed.
And don't worry, dear readers. These parents are on it, safety-wise. The bookshelves are empty, and the furniture is bolted to the walls. The only things that move in this room (besides the twins) are the pillows and cushions. Whew.
"We ended up spying on them for a little while on the camera just to make sure they weren't getting into trouble," Jonathan Balkin said. "Then after a while we decided, OK, it's time to intervene and put them to bed. That didn't really work out so well." The night of the video, the boys' late-night play session went well after 10 p.m., which is super-cute for those of us who are not responsible for getting these children to sleep.

"They're just happy and joyful and so busy," Balkin also said. "They have a bond that other people who aren’t twins can appreciate."

Get some sleep, Jonathan and Susana. Maybe you can teach Ryan and Andrew to set the coffee machine the night before since they're up anyway.