Parody Video of Kids Crashing BBC Interview Is Amazing

If you thought life was pretty great already after watching the ridiculously funny video of kids crashing a dad’s BBC News TV interview, we are about to make it even better.

In case you missed it (but seriously — how would that be possible?), Professor Robert Kelly was doing a TV interview about the South Korean political crisis (yes, people actually know about stuff like that) when his children busted in. The dad tries to maintain his professional composure, even slightly pushing his daughter back in the desperate hope she would leave. But it all gets worse as a baby comes rolling in and the panicked mom drags the spirited children out.

Now a New Zealand comedy show Jono and Ben has come out with a video depicting how a mom would have handled the situation. Like a badass, of course.

In the video, the mom also rattles on about the South Korean political climate (still don’t know what they are talking about) and gets interrupted by a child (also in a cute yellow sweater) but the mom just puts the kid on her lap and hands her a bottle. The baby who rolls in? Gives her a toy. Duh.

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This powerhouse working woman doesn’t stop there, but we don’t want to tell you too much. You should really watch it. Have you watched it? Good.

And the hilarious part is, this is exactly what real moms do (more or less). They multitask like crazy while keeping their composure (at least most of the time). Like this mom who breastfed on live TV and almost got away with it. You just keep going. No matter what.

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In the spoof video, the mom concludes the interview and then is off to help her husband find his lost sock. We kind of wish she had let him find his own sock. Because seriously. She doesn’t have time for that crap. The future of South Korea hangs in the balance.


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