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These Second Graders Wrote the Best Condolence Cards Ever

We all struggle with the right thing to say or write when someone we know loses a loved one. But children don’t stress it at all — they just tell it like is. And draw it like it is too.

New York comedian and videographer Matt Hunziker’s grandfather recently passed away. His mother (known as Mrs. H) happens to be a teacher, so all of her second-grade students wrote her sympathy cards and Hunziker shared them in a YouTube video.

They are heartfelt, honest and extremely funny.

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A number of the students tried to look on the bright side. One student wrote, “I’m sorry for your dad who died, at least you have a mom.” Yes. Calm down, drama queen. You’re no orphan.

This one wanted to make sure the mom was still in good health. Very smart to inquire. The student writes, “How good is your mom doing?”

How is your mom doing
Image: Wolf Spirit/YouTube

And another said, “I’m sorry that your dad died and I hope your mom does not die. And I hope you’re peppy.”

Well, Mrs. H might not be feeling peppy, exactly — but in the second-grader’s defense, “peppy” was one of the class’s vocabulary words.

And another student expressed sympathy by writing, “Dear Mrs. H, I’m sorry that your dad died. I feel droopy and I love you.” Yup. You guessed it. “Droopy” was also a second grade vocabulary word.

But these students know that words are not enough in a time of grief. So they drew pictures. Mostly of Mrs. H’s dad. At his grave. Seriously. You can see him lying there. And if anyone wasn’t sure that that’s her dad, the pictures are labeled.

Sympathy card
Image: Wolf Spirit/YouTube

“That is your dad.”

Sympathy card 2
Image: Wolf Spirit/YouTube

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And this letter is just so sweet.

Sympathy card 3
Image: Wolf Spirit/YouTube

It reads, “I hope you feel better and I’m so sorry that happened. I know it was hard to let him go. But you will feel better and your dad is in pest.”

I’m not sure where “pest” is, but I’m sure it’s a good place.

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