Clear-Knee Mom Jeans: The Fashion Staple We Never Needed

Mar 15, 2017 at 2:23 p.m. ET

If there is one thing moms need in their wardrobes, it's more transparency. Fortunately, Topshop has come out with our new favorite items of clothing: clear-knee jeans! These jeans that might actually make your brain hurt as you try to figure out how these ever ended up for sale.

I can only imagine the buyer (who must have been really hungover that day saying, "Yes! Get the Topshop Clear-Knee Mom Jeans to every Nordstrom's in the country! This denim/plastic combo is going to sell like hotcakes!").

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For the price of $95, these acid-washed, awkwardly cropped, insanely high-waisted jeans come equipped with plastic panels that expose your knees for "a futuristic feel." Yes. These do scream "the future." As I'm running around in the morning trying to get my children dressed, fed and off to school, I often long to feel more futuristic. (Will these pants transport me to the day my kids have moved out of the house and I'm sitting in a café in Paris eating croissants? I hope so.)

Anyway, congratulations, moms with fabulous knees. Your moment has finally arrived. And now you have something to go with your see-through plastic blouse that's been hanging in your closet for months.

If you want to be a bummer and argue that these aren't only hilarious, I guess you could say that moms are often sitting and kneeling on the ground, helping kids zipper coats and tie shoes, which can cause wear on jeans. Be quiet. You're no fun. And we all know that a quick trip to your tailor can fix your thinning denim. There is no need to create knee windows. Calm down.

Nordstrom shoppers are having a lot fun with their reviews:

"The jeans with tin foil covering the knees are also great. Those work for dressier occasions," said Shoppergirlfun.

"Between the high waist, the capri length and the knee windows, these are a trifecta of style," commented rococo2000.

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"I'm very forgetful, so when I saw these I immediately knew they could help me stay organized. I use washable markers and write reminders and my grocery list on the see-through inserts," said Babzter.

As for us, we can't wait to find out what Topshop comes up with next. Nipple cutouts for ease of breastfeeding? See-through butts for moms who are proud of the results of all those Barre classes? Oh, wait, that's already been done.