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Leave Chrissy Teigen — and the rest of us moms — alone, already

In today’s coverage of Jesus Christ on a cracker, there are some horrible humans on this planet:

We talk a lot about mansplainers and manspreaders, but you know who else is the worst? Momsplainers. The moms who feel that it’s their right — nay, their responsibility — to correct the behavior of any moms they happen upon. And thanks to social media, celebrity moms can’t get away from these people.

Chrissy Teigen seems to be dealing with this daily now. She has had it up to here, and we understand completely. Teigen is regularly the target for internet trolls who can’t deal with her outspoken approach to life — and motherhood. Teigen recently wrote a moving essay for April’s issue of Glamour magazine about her battle with postpartum depression after the arrival of now-10-month-old daughter, Luna. You’d think that that fact alone (hey! raging depression and constant weeping!) would mean people would let up on her already, fer Chrissakes. But no.

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So Chrissy is once again calling out the critics and shamers, with a screenshot of some of the crappiest comments directed at her and her family recently:

And then a follow-up tweet (we can just feel her trying to limit her furious follow-up tweets to one): 

We have all been on the receiving end of unsolicited opinions and snarky judgmental comments as mothers. The funny thing? A lot of the talkback came from other moms. Why is this a phenomenon? It takes a village, you guys, and not a bitchy one:

“You’re still breastfeeding?”

“Oh, you’re not with the father anymore? Wow.”

“How did you guys get pregnant if you’re lesbians?”

“You didn’t even try to nurse past a month? Wow.”

“I would never have a home birth.”

“A C-section? I’m so glad I had a natural birth experience.”

“Your baby looks cold/hot/tired/sick.”

“Oh, you’re a single mom. I could never do that, myself.”

Go on, add to the list of comments. You know you’ve heard a bunch of them, and each time, the words of awful momsplainers have either pissed you off or made you feel, well, small. It’s nasty, sneaky, passive-aggressive mom-ninja shit, and we are done.

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Moms, go easy on other moms. Remember that we’re all trying our best. And we’ve got enough to deal with, already.

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