Pregnant Woman Awards a Trophy to the First Man Who Gave Her His Subway Seat

Feel like you never win anything? Maybe you just need to give up your seat on the subway to a pregnant woman. That’s what one guy did — and he won a trophy!

New Yorker Yvonne Lin couldn’t help but notice that during her first pregnancy, no man ever gave up his seat for her on the subway. She got plenty of seats from women (most frequently from women of color). So in her third trimester, she started to carry around a thank you card in case any guy ever offered her a seat. But it never happened.

Fast-forward to her second pregnancy. For this one, Lin had an actual trophy made. The 7-inch bronze statuette depicts a man ripping his shirt off Hulk-style with a plaque that reads, “#1 DECENT DUDE: First Man to Offer Subway Seat to Pregnant Woman Throughout Two Pregnancies.” I feel like she could have made that more succinct, but since I’ve never designed a trophy, I won’t judge.

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Lin carried that trophy every time she rode the subway (so now you know her purse is as big as yours) in the hopes that she would find someone deserving of the award. She also made sure to look obviously pregnant since some people are hesitant to assume someone is expecting unless they come flying through the doors of the labor and delivery department.

Well, it finally happened. In February, at eight months pregnant, she was riding the A train when a man glanced up from his phone. Lin told DNAinfo, “He looked up at me and looked super-startled and embarrassed. And he immediately stood up and said, ‘Please take this seat, I just noticed.'”

She awarded her hero (who of course turned out to be a father of two) the Decent Dude statuette and took a photo. She never got his name — but we found him on Instagram! Ricky Barksdale is not only a dad and ridiculously good-looking gentleman (if we do say so ourselves), he’s also a stuntman/actor, martial artist and U.S. Army veteran.

Lin said she hopes this experience raises the bar for how New Yorkers treat one another, pregnant or not. Let’s hope so. Be more like Ricky, men. And even if you don’t win a trophy, you’ll definitely win some hearts.

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