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Professor’s Interview Is Crashed by His Hilarious Kids

Twitter is going nuts over a BBC World News interview gone wrong. Professor Robert E. Kelly was saying something or other about South Korea via Skype when his bespectacled daughter crashed his international politics party — followed by her baby sibling in a 1970s-style rolling walker (seriously, who still uses those?).

Twitter loves this video. People think it’s hilarious. And I’m not gonna lie: The Twitter responses are pretty damn funny.

But Robert E. Kelly was not amused. And you know what? Neither was I — at least not by him. I hate this guy’s response to what could have been a sweet moment. Instead, he shoves — for real, actually shoves — his little daughter without so much as looking at her or addressing her. Not sure who the woman is who bolts into the room to retrieve the children (wife? nanny?) but her oh-shit panic was palpable.

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Yeah, I know. The guy was doing a BBC interview and was trying to maintain composure, you say. He’s a big cheese with a big desk and a big door that apparently has no lock. He’s important, people, and was trying to keep a stiff upper lip. And the GIF of his daughter busting into the room is, admittedly, priceless.

It’s your own damn fault if your home office doesn’t have a lock. And I swear to God, Robert E. Kelley, if you divorce your wife/fire the nanny, I will gate-crash all the rest of your Skype interviews with flaming torches. Install a lock. If that was your wife, dude, she needs a hug and a break. If that was your nanny, give the woman a raise (because she looks scared to death and I’m worried about her).

How did Professor Kelly react to the video being shared on Twitter by BBC?

“What would that mean, please? Re-broadcasting it on BBC TV, or just here on Twitter? Is it this kind of thing that goes ‘viral’ and gets weird?”

YES, ROBERT. SHIT JUST GOT WEIRD FOR YOU. EMBRACE THE WEIRD. You clearly need more weird in your life. Or pay attention to the weird you already have. Because this, my friend, is glorious.

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