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10-Year-Old Excuses Herself From School for International Women’s Day

Today is about more than just the women of the world. One brilliant 10-year-old girl is reminding us that it’s also about the girls.

When Laura Moreschi sat down to dinner with her family a few nights ago, she had no idea that the conversation she had about civic duty would prompt her 10-year-old daughter to write a letter to her principal about why she will not be at school today.

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On Monday, Moreschi tweeted a photo of the letter along with this message: “Talking at dinner last night about civic engagement and my 10 year old wrote this letter to her principal. #DayWithoutAWoman” 

In her powerful letter, Moreschi’s daughter explains to the school principal that she would like to participate in the Day Without a Woman Protest. And just to make sure the principal understands that this is not just going to be a day of staying home and hanging out, the girl goes on to say: “ I am going to write a letter to the editor, contact my congress man, and do whatever I can to make my voice heard.”

And doing whatever she can to make her voice heard is something this future leader’s mom is overjoyed about — especially on a day like today. “I am so proud of her for speaking up and wanting to make a difference,” Moreschi tells SheKnows. “As a mom of girls, I am encouraged to see them find their voice so early — it give me great hope that our future is one where equality for all will be accepted as the norm.”

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