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Jade and Tanner of Bachelor in Paradise Are Expecting Their First Baby

The Bachelor was definitely a bust for cosmetics developer and Nebraska sweetheart Jade Roper (I mean, we all knew she was too good for shifty Iowa farmer Chris Soules and that unnerving laugh of his). But Bachelor in Paradise led to wedding bells with Tanner Tolbert. Now the reality TV couple broke the news in an exclusive to In Touch magazine: they’re expecting a Bachelorfranchise baby! That’s way better than any dumb, droopy rose.

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Roper and Tolbert are expecting their first child in September. Chris Harrison, host of every single Bachelor-related show in the universe, is reportedly in training to be Roper’s midwife for a live TV Bachelor birth. Kidding. We’re kidding. But the ratings. Seriously, guys, consider it.

Bachelor Nation fans know that Roper is a big softie and will rock this motherhood thing. Stoic Tolbert — a man of fairly few words — said that after taking the pregnancy test, “Jade cried a little bit. I was just really excited.”

Not really sure what it looks like when Tolbert’s excited, but we’ll take his word for it.

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On March 5, Roper and Tolbert — who met and got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, in case you missed all that — revealed her baby bump in a photo shoot. Now three months along, the couple is planning in earnest for their baby’s debut. “If the pregnancy is low-risk, I would love to have an at-home water birth,” Roper said (she’d once considered becoming a doula herself). “But Tanner’s a little concerned.” 

Oh, Jade. Tanner always looks concerned. You just do your birthy thing wherever the hell you like.

Tolbert is also apparently concerned about diapers. (Insert our eye-rolling.) “I’ll do every other duty if it means no poopy diapers!” he said.

Mellow Roper is down with that arrangement for now (we’ll see how it works when it goes from theory to practice). “He works a lot,” she said, “so I’ll gladly take on most of the responsibility. I’m naturally nurturing, and I just can’t wait to have our baby.”

Well, don’t let him off the hook that easy, girl. When you hit your ninth diaper of the day by 1 p.m., you might change your mind.

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