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Patton Oswalt’s Daughter Has an Important Message for Trump

“Calm down.”

Those are the two words the daughter of comedian Patton Oswalt wrote on the postcard she made for President Donald Trump. The 7-year-old also handpicked two emojis: the cool sunglasses face, representing her (“me,” she wrote) and the freaked-out face, representing, well, Trump (“you,” she wrote).

We like this kid’s succinct, no-nonsense approach to political activism. And the emojis? A very nice touch for this particular president, we think. Talk to him in a language he understands!

Oswalt posted a photo of Alice on Twitter holding up her handmade postcard addressed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “Alice just made this postcard for President Trump,” Oswalt tweeted. “I just mailed it.”

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Oh snap! It certainly won’t take long for Trump to read the message — definitely not as taxing as, say, an intelligence briefing. Maybe Alice will single-handedly persuade our president to take a chill pill — and keep his finger away from the doomsday nuke button. Maybe Alice will save us all!

It’s no secret that Alice’s dad has been a big critic of Trump. The week before the inauguration, Oswalt wrote, “And just like that, Trump isn’t funny anymore. That press conference was…terrifying. We’re fucked. Go be with your families. Hoard food.” 

The father and daughter are slowly building a new life without Michelle McNamara — Oswalt’s wife and Alice’s mom — and it hasn’t been an easy road. McNamara died suddenly last April at 46, leaving the comedian and his daughter completely lost and bereft.

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Oswalt recently wrote a heartbreaker of an essay for GQ about getting through his first year as a single parent to Alice.

“This is my first time being a single father. I’ve missed forms for school. I’ve forgotten to stock the fridge with food she likes. I’ve run out of socks for her. I’ve run out of socks for me. It sucked and it was a hassle every time, but the world kept turning. I said, ‘Whoops, my bad,’ and fixed it and kept stumbling forward,” he wrote.

Clearly, Oswalt is doing something right, as Alice seems to be turning out just fine. Better than fine — maybe this determined, outspoken young lady will wind up in the Oval Office herself someday. We’d be more than cool with that.

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