Matthew Rhys Is a Nervous New Dad

Mar 7, 2017 at 12:47 p.m. ET
Image: Nicky Nelson/

Co-stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell may play Soviet KGB spies on The Americans, but based on their approaches to parenting, we're thinking only one of them could hack a poker-faced espionage career in real life.

Sorry, Matthew. It's not you.

Russell (formerly of angsty Felicity fame) and Welsh actor Rhys are parents to new baby Sam, born last May. Rhys chatted about life as a new dad on Live! with Kelly this Monday and revealed that he is kind of a nervous wreck, while Russell is unflappable.

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“I’m the one going, ‘What about…’ and she goes, ‘Shut up it’s fine,'” Rhys said during his TV appearance. This is Rhys' first child, while Russell has two older kids from another relationship (son River, 9, and daughter Willa, 5).


The couple has been together since 2014, having met on the set of The Americans. We actually have never watched the show, but now we kind of want to just to hear the accent of a Welsh actor who's playing a Russian spy playing an American.

(Interesting side note: These days Rhys is speaking only his native tongue of Welsh to his 9-month-old son. He said, “His replies, you would think he was speaking in Welsh as well. Quite a guttural language!”)

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Rhys seemed amused by his own baby panic and partner Russell's opposite, mighty chill take on all things Baby Sam. “There was a moment recently when I said, ‘He has a very heavy cold and we’ve got to take him to the doctor,'” Rhys said. “She’s like, ‘He has a cold, I’m gonna get my hair blown out.’ I go, ‘I’m gonna take him to the doctor.’ She went, ‘You take him to the doctor and when the doctor tells you he has a light cold, text me.’”

Want to guess who was right? Heh.

Like Russian spies, mamas just know things.