Mom Breastfeeds on Live TV and Almost Gets Away With It

by SheKnows
Mar 3, 2017 at 2:05 p.m. ET
Image: CBC News

When babies are hungry, they are hungry. So you feed them — even if you are on live TV. And it's also a pretty good way to keep a baby quiet during a 5-minute TV segment.

Writer and guest contributor Rachel Sklar nursed her baby while she was interviewed on a CBC News broadcast about a new Barbie line that had just come out. All went according to plan until her 1-year-old baby's hand popped into the frame.

She tweeted about the incident, writing, "I went on TV while nursing and you couldn't tell (until the end).


Maybe baby Ruby just wanted to wave to all the television fans out there!

I love this woman. She had no child care and she figured out a way to make the interview happen anyway. Because that's what parents do. I've breastfed in all kinds of places out of necessity. I’ve nursed babies on an airplane with a stranger 5 inches from me. I've nursed twins on the side of the road...

nursing in the car
Image: Kelcey Kintner

 (Although please someone go back in time and stop me from giving that thumbs up sign.) 

And I've even breastfed a baby while grocery shopping. My son was screaming like crazy and there was nowhere to nurse him. Plus, I only had a limited amount of time to shop. So I put him in the Bjorn facing me and breastfed him while I made my way around the store. A friend had tipped me off that this was actually possible but she's super-athletic so I was skeptical. But it really worked. And I don't think other shoppers noticed. They were probably just thrilled that the loud baby in Aisle 6 had stopped crying.

And I still love this photo of Elisha Wilson Beach nursing on the toilet.

mom nursing on toilet
Image: Michael Beach

Because sometimes a kid is hungry at inconvenient times. And it's also a great way to stop a child who is trashing the house while you're on the toilet. So breastfeeding moms, keep on nursing. On live TV or just about anywhere else.