This International Women’s Day, Help a Mom in Need

International Women’s Day is March 8 — and you may be more aware of it this year because of the planned women’s strike. But as we know, mothers (whether working or stay-at-home moms) can’t always take a day off. If you’re looking to make a difference but can’t attend a rally or get time off from work, consider donating to one of these organizations that support mothers around the world:

World Relief — World Relief partners with local churches to help vulnerable communities develop sustainable practices and the values of equality. The organization specifically empowers women in Asia, Africa and the Middle East by offering support in economic development, maternal and child health, anti-trafficking initiatives and peace-building. More than 80 percent of the donations to this organization go directly to the 1,150,000 women and children served under the program, so your support will work to help mothers and their families find stability today and into the future.

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ONE — It is still a significant challenge for developing countries to guarantee maternal, newborn and child survival. ONE aims to change this by stepping in with the high-quality health care and knowledge necessary to tend to pregnant mothers in need during and immediately after childbirth. Their efforts include helping these women treat infectious diseases and improve their nutrition, while enabling them to recognize when to contact health care services for their own children. By supporting ONE’s ongoing goal of reducing mortality rates, your donation could save a mother’s life.

Maternity Worldwide — This organization helps provide women in low-income countries the information they need to recognize risks and symptoms of complications during pregnancy. When it comes to childbirth, Maternity Worldwide provides safe alternative transportation to health care facilities and trains midwives, nurses and doctors to be high-quality birth attendants. Beyond helping pregnant mothers themselves, the organization also uses donations to support women in their efforts to become financially independent and thus have more control over their sexual health and reproductive decision-making.

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Operation Courage Is Beautiful — This organization has the sole mission of bringing happiness and a sense of femininity to active duty, deployed United States servicewomen, many of whom are mothers separated from their children. To support these women, OCIB accepts donations of supplies and funds in order to create and send care packages overseas.

And aside from making donations that change the world, you can also take part in International Women’s Day by supporting the ladies you see around you each day. Endorse a small business run by a woman, share some words of encouragement to a new mother or even just give a simple thank you to your own. There’s really no wrong way to celebrate the day.