This Bracelet Lets Your Partner Feel the Baby Kick

Mar 2, 2017 at 2:21 p.m. ET

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is a pretty crazy, amazing experience. So why wouldn't the non-impregnated partner want in on the whole thing?

Three Danish students (who are probably way more clever than any of us) came up with a smart bracelet called the Fibo so dads, same-sex partners or surrogate parents could actually feel their baby kicking.

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This is how it works. During the third trimester, the pregnant woman wears a monitoring device. The Fibo collects data every time the baby moves. And the person wearing the bracelet feels the movements in real time. That's because the Fibo contains four small beads that "mimic the baby's movements by rotating and pressing on the wrist of the person wearing it."

It's not really the same as having a baby jab you in the ribs or your lady business, but it's nice that partners can know what their baby is up to — even when they aren't around to put their hand on their partner's belly.

Sandra Pétursdóttir (one of the students who came up with the idea) told The Huffington Post that they found most parents wanted to feel the baby's kicks on their wrist. “That way the device would also be visible which to many fathers was a big plus because they wanted the whole world to see they were expecting a baby."

Partners wearing the device, however, would have to absolutely agree in a written contract to never say things like, "We really are both pregnant now!" or "These baby kicks don't hurt at all" or "Why are pregnant women always complaining? This is cake!"

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And pregnant women: Before you sign up for anything like this, take a look at that monitor. Because being in your third trimester is bad enough without adding something extra to attach to yourself.

But don't try to run out and buy one of these high-tech pregnancy gadgets. Apparently, the Fibo is still in development and not yet available for purchase.