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This Genius Bachelor Parody Is Cracking Us Up

What? Who? Us? Hate-watch The Bachelor? And The Bachelorette? And, you know, when there’s nothing to watch in the summer, Bachelor in Paradise?

No, no, not us. We’re far too busy working on our dissertation about the symbolism hidden in all of Beyoncé’s pregnancy photo shoots. We have no time for mirth and schadenfreude over who has the ugliest cry in the Bachelor mansion.

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OK, fine. We are shallow and wretched and should be watching all the Academy Award foreign film nominees, we know. Instead, we obsessively consume the entire Bachelor franchise (damn you, Chris Harrison) and it’s not even hate-watching at this point. You’re onto us. We plead guilty pleasure in a terrible, uncertain world.

If you’re like us, and always looking to augment your guilty pleasure (especially with anything Bachelor-related), we’ve found a deeply satisfying parody video for moms we think you might dig.

Friends, we present The Babysitter, one mom’s journey in search of her perfect sitter and sippy-cup soul mate. We could try to give you the synopsis, but really, it’s way more fun to just watch the video. Genius.
Definitely worth a share with any Bachelor devotees, including those who are pretending not to be Bachelor fans.

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