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Mom Gets Slammed for Letting Kids Sleep in Their Clothes

An Australian mother of six has come under attack for admitting that she sometimes skips the pajamas and puts her kids to bed in their clothes to save time in the morning. Actress and writer Madeleine West said she does this on particularly early or busy mornings. She told the Daily Mail, “Pajamas are optional for me. I figured if they’re in clean clothes and getting into a clean bed, they’re fine.”

And of course moms thought this was brilliant.

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But then there were the weirdos who thought it was atrocious. One commenter had the nerve to write, “She makes them wear next day’s clothes to bed? Wow, how efficient! Also have them eat next day’s breakfast and lunch along with yesterday’s dinner and you will save heaps of time. At least she’s not putting her kids in the washing machine to sort out dirty clothes and ‘dirty’ children at the same time — that would be organised! Let’s just hope this didn’t give her any ideas.”

Yes, let’s not give her the best secret parenting tip of all time — washing your children in the washing machine!

Let’s face it: This is a genius way to cut corners on a frenzied morning. As a mom of only five kids, I’ve been known to do this too. It was actually one of my children who gave me the idea. One night my 6-year-old son went to bed in his soccer clothes so he would be ready on a Sunday morning. Guess what? We weren’t late for soccer.

And several times, my 6-year-old twins have gone to bed in their school clothes so they wouldn’t have to get dressed in the morning. And if we have an early flight in the a.m., I declare, “Whatever you sleep in, you fly in!” Because no one is getting fresh clothes at 4 a.m. The point is, if your kids don’t mind and the clothes are clean, what is the difference? (Obviously, babies should wear safe sleepwear.)

West is also not making any apologies for her parenting hack and takes issue with the cruel comments. She tells The Daily Telegraph, “I do not send my babes out into the world in the same clothes day after day, unwashed and unloved, despite what many may assert from the safety of their electronic devices.”

And she goes on to say, “But sadly, by tearing down rather than supporting our peers on the crazy rollercoaster that is parenthood, we shutdown all discussion, and cut off honest dialogue, as people will not share their stories for fear of being judged.”

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And this seasoned parent has one more piece of advice.

“So listen to your heart, listen to your instincts, and most importantly, listen to your children, and you can’t go wrong.”

You got that right, Mama.

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