Fun’s Nate Ruess and Designer Charlotte Ronson Have a Baby Boy

Fun frontman Nate Ruess and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson are new parents — their first time around — to son Levon. Ruess’ rep confirmed the news to People, and their family and friends aren’t shy about the good news, either.

Ronson’s mother, Ann Dexter-Jones, a jewelry designer, took to Instagram with a photo of herself and a carefully hidden Levon (oh, you coy celebrities and incognito babies). Dexter-Jones captioned the picture with a flurry of hashtags (hipster grandma alert):

“#iamsoinlove with my very first #newborn beautiful #grandchild”

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She also wrote, “To the left of my photo that eludes you is an incredibly beautiful and adorable baby #takemyword.” We do, you tease.

And if that Ronson name is sounding familiar but you can’t quite place it, it might just be because Charlotte Ronson has a twin sister (who dated Lindsay Lohan for a while there), Samantha Ronson, the DJ.

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