Mom Sends College Son a Care Package He'll Never Forget

Feb 22, 2017 at 2:31 p.m. ET
Image: Yellow Dog Productions/Getty Images

You knew they were out there. The everyday heroes living among us. And mom Terri Cox is one of them.

Cox recently sent her Westminster College freshman son a care package. But wait. As her 18-year-old son Connor eagerly dug into the box, did he find his usual Pringles and protein bars?


This mom sent her son trash. Oh yes she did. Tissues, soda cans, old bags, dryer sheets and fast food containers.

Her confused son called his mom to find out what the heck was going on. Turns out, his mom sent him all the trash from his room from when he was home during Christmas vacation. Instead of cleaning it up as he promised, he just left it and went back to school. Well, his mom took care of that.

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He even posted the photo on Twitter of his trash care package.


Apparently, Connor's mom wanted to send the message that she is not his maid. Message sent.

Connor's friends reportedly thought his mom was a "savage" for coming up with the idea. To me, she's a superhero. Yes, we all threaten ridiculous things like, "If you don't clean up your room, I'm throwing out all your toys!" It hasn't happened yet in my house.

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And for months, I've been telling my children that if they don't pick up their garbage in the car, I will put it into their beds while they're sleeping. Have I done it? No. Have they stopped leaving their garbage in the car? No. Am I thinking about leaving it in their beds now? Possibly.

We all need to get a little more savage, a little more like mom Terri Cox. Because I bet her son Connor never forgets to take out the garbage again.

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