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Alyssa Milano Calls Out Post-Baby Body Expectations

Alyssa Milano, we like you.

Not only is she adorably hard-core crushing on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau like the rest of us (have you seen him doing the planking thing on his desk yet?) but she’s had it with postpartum body expectations.

Milano — mom to Milo, 5, and Elizabella, 2 — is not digging the Hollywood pressure for actresses to drop post-baby weight.

Milano told People that motherhood opened her eyes to how ridiculous the focus on the post-baby body really is. “It’s really an awakening — when you get pregnant and have a child — that the female body is the most amazing machine imaginable,” Milano said. Damn straight!

Milano freely admits that the pressure to lose weight was completely “self-inflicted,” which is pretty understandable for a Project Runway All Stars host hanging out with a slew of fashion models the size of Italian greyhounds.

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“I just know, for me, that’s just not in my make-up, biologically. There is no way I could have dropped all the baby weight in two weeks, I don’t know how they do it!” said Milano. We don’t either. But it’s nice to hear a celebrity calling out the craziness of such expectations.

And the idea of returning to a “pre-pregnancy” weight is not something Milano’s buying into — even though she’s quite open about her low-carb, high-protein Atkins lifestyle (she’s a spokesperson for Atkins Nutritionals — yeah, lettuce-wrapped bacon cheeseburgers — that Atkins).

“There are so many variables, you don’t know what a goal weight is especially when you’re 43 and you just had a baby, I don’t know if I’m going to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight,” Milano said. “I’m breastfeeding also, it’s a big part of it, and so, I just call it my happy weight.”

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Three cheers for happy weight, not should-be numbers on a scale. Of course, all that Atkins-lifestyle food and perks probably don’t hurt — they likely keep you from diving headfirst into a family-size bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. But we appreciate your message anyway.

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