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George and Amal Clooney Are Having a Boy and a Girl

What. Even.

George. Amal. Listen up. This is a very dangerous game you’re playing at, you two. First, you swipe Bey and Jay’s baby thunder with follow-up news of your own twins (we still want to know what sorcery was involved). And now we’re hearing that a boy and a girl are on the way?

Clooneys, FYI: Word on the street is that Beyoncé and Jay Z have also got some XX and XY buns in the oven. But you knew this already. You knew it all along.

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Seriously, this twins competition between these power couples is neck and neck. We’re biting our nails waiting for the next “coincidence.” Will it be the same hospital? The same birth plan involving smooth jazz, a water birth with dolphins and stunt doubles at nearby hospitals to throw paparazzi off the trail?

Now, the Clooneys aren’t really talking — which is nothing new. But apparently, George’s mom is a chatty one (celebs: Their moms are just like ours!). Nina Clooney said last weekend, “It will be one of each! Yes, a boy and a girl. That’s what I’ve been told. How marvelous! My husband and I are extremely excited.”

We kind of want to meet George’s mom now, with all of those exclamation marks and that Mary Poppins-esque “how marvelous!” Sounds like Grandma will be more than happy to babysit, George, if you have any panic attacks about being a 55-year-old first-time papa. The actor is reportedly “excited but nervous.” 

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Well, heck, we’d be nervous too if we were copycatting Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins M.O. our first time out of the parenting gate.

You know who else is as excited as Grandma Clooney? Jason Bourne. Matt Damon told ET Canada that he “almost started crying” when he heard the news of Amal and George’s twins.

“I’m thrilled for [George]. She’s amazing,” Damon said. “He hit the jackpot, just on every level. [Amal] is a remarkable woman. They’re gonna be great. They’re gonna be awesome parents. Those kids are lucky.”

Matt, you and Nina Clooney are going to be the best babysitters ever. We can just see you in #TeamClooney T-shirts.

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