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Community Helps Children Whose Parents Died of Cancer

The death of a parent is something no child should ever have to face. Losing both parents is almost unimaginable. But for three siblings in Merseyside, U.K., who said goodbye to both of their parents within the span of five days, the loss is all too real.

According to CBS News, the siblings’ heartbreaking story spread online last week after Oliver, 13, Hannah, 18, and Luke, 21, shared a photo of their parents’ final goodbye at a hospice in Merseyside. Nurses at St. John’s Hospice pushed their beds together so Mike Bennet, 57, and his wife Julie, 50, would be able to hold hands one last time.

Couple dying of cancer hold hands
Image: The Bennet family

The children captured this touching moment between their parents in order to share with the world just how much the two loved each other and were together until the very end.

Mike fought a brain tumor for the past three years, while his wife Julie battled kidney and liver cancer since her diagnosis in May 2016. Julie’s love for her three children and husband was clear to everyone who knew them.

When Julie became too ill to carry Mike up the stairs to their bed, the family put his hospital bed in the living room and she slept next to him on the couch, never leaving his side. And as he lay dying in a hospital bed, she held onto his hand in an act of true love that will forever be remembered by those who were blessed to know and love them.

Before she died, friends of the couple promised Julie they would take care of her beloved children. So to try to give Oliver, Hannah and Luke the life their parents worked so hard to give them, friends have set up a fundraising campaign to raise money for the Bennet children.

Family spokesperson Heather Heaton Gallagher told CBS News that the Bennet children shouldn’t need to grow up so fast right now, emphasizing that all funds will go toward the kids’ future. She also shared that Julie was a great believer in her kids and wanted to see them achieve and live their dreams.

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