Peta Murgatroyd Gets Real About Leaky Boobs

Dance goddess Peta Murgatroyd of Dancing with the Stars fame and fortune is not afraid of keeping it real when it comes to breastfeeding her 5-week-old son, Shai. (Papa is Murgatroyd’s fiancé Maksim Chmerkovskiy, whose boobs do not feature prominently in this story.)

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Murgatroyd posted a mirror selfie (oh mah gah, we are in a world where “mirror selfies” are a thing) on Instagram and Twitter on Monday. In the photo, her shirt is stained with leaking breast milk. That or she dipped one boob in a glass of water just to hang with all the cool moms who are standing around in puddles of their own breast milk.

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Whatever the case, Murgatroyd makes leaking boobies super-hot. Leaking boobies are the new nip slip, apparently. Well done, Murgatroyd. She captioned her photo on Instagram:

“Oh the joys of motherhood Leaking boobies are so NOT hot right now… LOL #mustremembermyboobpads.”

Yeah, but you iz so hot, Peta. So there’s that.

On Twitter, Murgatroyd used the hashtags #MomReality and #NormalizeBreastfeeding.

It’s nice that Murgatroyd is trying hard to play down her demi-goddess vibe and blend with mere mortals who are wrapping their aching breast milk-brimming boobs in cabbage leaves. But Peta, bae, your #MomReality is not exactly our #MomReality. We’re all for normalizing breastfeeding though. How about a nice up-close cracked, bleeding nipple shot? Now that’s reality. Horrible, frightening reality.