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There’s a New App for Moms Seeking Mom Friends

Look, we love anything that helps moms reach out to other moms. It’s a lonely gig sometimes, and there is exquisite joy in finding another soul who understands that you haven’t pooped without someone on your lap for three weeks straight.

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So when we heard about Peanut, an app for making new mom pals, we said, “Oh, cool!”

Then we heard, “It’s like Tinder for moms!”

And then we were all, “Really? Must we equate this to Tinder?”

One of Peanut’s co-founders, Michelle Kennedy, is an online dating guru of sorts, having worked at Badoo and for dating app Bumble. So, OK, fine. Peanut is probably a Tinder for moms. We’re going to try not to hold that against it.

What does Peanut do, exactly? Like (yeesh) Tinder, Peanut lets you use a swiping gesture to peruse and choose mom friends. One swipe up? Hey, hot mama, I like that Maclaren stroller in your profile pic. One swipe down? Buh-bye. Swiper no swiping.

It’s not about a hotness quotient, of course. Unless that’s just your M.O. in the world. Peanut tries to help users find those with shared interests: same languages, work schedules, outdoorsy life or not and so on. You can also check out the age of another mom’s kid to decide whether or not your kids might be playdate-compatible.

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We kind of miss the days when moms would meet other moms at the playground or the grocery store or at PTA meetings — call us crazy, but maybe we’d rather have our friendships be more organic than our quinoa.

But yeah, we get how hard it can be to make new friends when kids descend like a plague of madness upon the land that once was, you know, your boring old life.

And Peanut’s goal is to nudge moms to get out there IRL (in real life, as all the cool kids, who are not us, say). When two moms match up on Peanut, you can start a chat right from the match screen — and immediately have a panic attack from your Cheerio-studded couch. Will she like me? Will I like her? Where have all my friends gone? I had friends once that I didn’t meet online, right? Or did I dream that?

So if you’re feeling adventurous — or socially isolated and despairing over ever finding an adult conversation again — Peanut is available today on iOS as a free download. Get swiping, moms. Or, you know, maybe just check it out and treat yourself to a silent laugh-scream of ennui, existential angst and baby-induced desperation. Either way. Good luck out there. Hope you get to poop without a kid attached to you real soon.

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