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Camilla Luddington’s Pregnancy Is Making Her an Emotional Wreck

Camilla Luddington looks simultaneously tough as nails and fresh as a damn daisy, even with a massive baby bump on board, so it’s hard for us to picture her being a complete emotional wreck.

But the Grey’s Anatomy star recently spilled her guts (not, you know, literally, because that’s bad for pregnant ladies as well as everyone else) to Fit Pregnancy. Apparently, playing a doctor on TV and delivering pretend babies is not necessarily great prep for actual real-life pregnancy.

Luddington and longtime boyfriend, actor Matthew Alan, are expecting a daughter in April. She’s regularly putting in 15-hour days on set. No wonder you’re feeling kind of spent, Camilla, darling.

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“My first trimester was tough. I felt lied to, because I always imagined myself as the type of pregnant woman who would do yoga and drink rejuvenating smoothies,” Luddington told Fit Pregnancy. “Those plans went out the window. I couldn’t walk the dogs around the block without needing a nap, and I couldn’t eat anything other than bagels and cream cheese.”

Sounds about right. Next time, call us first, OK? We’ve got the 411.

In addition to being shocked by her need for a daily nap and her obsession with cream cheese, Luddington said she was spooked by abdominal ligament pain (which, yeah, can be intense) and terrified that her belly was “lopsided.”

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Luddington said she also puked all over her boyfriend’s feet after a private Pilates class. “After that, I said, ‘Okay, maybe I have to give myself a break.’ Only well into my second trimester did I slowly get back into exercise, doing Pilates maybe twice a week. It’s been a blessing to learn my limits.”

Twice a week! We say take a break and enjoy more cream cheese. (Although, we hear “taking a break” from exercise as well as “enjoying cream cheese” isn’t really a thing when you’re a TV star. This is why we’re not TV stars.) 

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