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Mandy Moore’s Parents Aren’t So Sure About Her This Is Us Character

Usually we find ourselves covering stories about celebs who are parents, but in this case, we’re totally charmed by the parents of a celeb. The celeb in question? Mandy Moore, whose starring role in NBC’s hit This Is Us is garnering all kinds of acclaim, nominations and sobbing fits on couches across the nation.

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Mandy Moore (whom most of us either fell in love with or were jealous of when we saw her years ago with Shane West in A Walk to Remember) somehow always manages to be gorgeous and relatable at the same time. It’s pretty annoying. We’re loving her in the role of Rebecca on This Is Us, but Moore’s mom is not so sure about the character as it turns out.

Right after the latest episode of This Is Us aired, Moore’s parents texted their daughter with some, well, concern about her character’s… character. Moore — who clearly has a rockin’ sense of humor — posted screen shots of her folks’ critiques:

“Rebecca has issues, doesn’t she? Hopefully she is made to look better in future episodes,” said Moore’s mom. Oh, snap! Come on, Mama Moore! Your daughter’s not writing this stuff. You know that, right?

Moore’s mom continued her perfect mom rant: “Right now Jack is the super hero.” 

Well, he is played by Milo Ventimiglia, so really, what did you expect, Mama Moore? (Although have you seen him as Jess on Gilmore Girls? That boy had real issues.)

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Mandy seemed unfazed by her parents’ take on the episode, saying, “Mom and Dad know how to keep it real,” in a caption with the screen shot of the texts. “Thanks guys?”

Oh, man, Mandy. We’re not TV stars, but we can so completely relate to this exchange. (Tell Mom and Dad we think Rebecca is finding her way just fine.)

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