A Very Pregnant Jill Duggar Dillard Is Traveling to El Salvador

Jessa Duggar Seewald just had baby No. 2, but already Jessa’s pesky sister Jill is stealing the spotlight with a controversy surrounding her own pregnancy. You’re not the boss of her, Jessa!

Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard are getting a whole lot of flak for their plan to return to their missionary work in El Salvador.

At the moment, Jill and Derick are back in Arkansas after several months in El Salvador with their infant son. Many fans were freaking the heck out that pregnant Jill was in a ground-zero Zika virus hotspot in Central America, which to be fair, is a totally legit reaction. What the heck, Jill and Derick? Killer mosquitoes and pregnancy are generally not the best combo, but hey, what do we know?

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Fan fears only worsened when reports surfaced of Derick suffering big health issues. Look, Jill, Derick, we need to have a conversation. It’s great that you have a purpose and all, sort of. But your health has to come first.

Jill, meanwhile, told People to stuff it. OK, no, she would never say that. We would say that. Jill just said that she and Derick were “planning to go back very soon” to El Salvador and would “come back for the birth of the baby.” So they’d squeeze in a little more missionary work at the beginning of her third trimester. What could go wrong?

Fans are especially worried about the Duggar-Dillards because Jill’s first delivery was fraught with scary issues, and she was rushed to a hospital despite planning for a home birth.

But Jill is stubbornly chill about her second pregnancy. “There’s a level of ease that comes with your second pregnancy,” she said.

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Jill. Jerick Derick. Kids. You know that a pregnancy is only nine months long, right? Here’s a thought: Maybe put your feet up on the coffee table in Arkansas, host a few Bible study classes, protest women’s rights by writing letters in bed, deliver your second-born in peace, make sure everybody’s healthy and then think about returning to the wilds of El Salvador. Everybody wins except the Zika mosquitoes.

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