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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Our Mom-Valentine

Yes, I know we mostly cover topics like Kim Kardashian West’s Instagram feed and Beyonce’s baby-times-two announcement. But we are many things, people.

We love Kim K and Bey, but we really, really love us some Ruth Bader Ginsburg — especially right now, with the U.S. being run by an overgrown toddler who needs Cars vitamins and a nap to get through a successful phone call with, say, Australia. #NotAlternativeFact #TrueStory

We need all the sanity we can get in the government at this second, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg is at the top of our list when it comes to the judicial branch. RBG is not only a badass U.S. Supreme Court Justice, she’s also a well-known and mad-fierce defender of women’s rights (somehow, we think she’d like being described as “mad-fierce”).

You know what else she is? An amazing, relatable mother — proving once and for all that we are the total slackers and terrible multitaskers we have always suspected ourselves to be.

So happy early Valentine’s Day to the coolest Supreme Court Justice around.

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She credits her kids as her inspiration — and the reason for her success

In an article in The Atlantic, Ginsburg said, “When I started law school my daughter Jane was 14 months. I attributed my success in law school largely to Jane. I went to class at 8:30 a.m., and I came home at 4:00 p.m., that was children’s hour. It was a total break in my day, and children’s hour continued until Jane went to sleep. Then I was happy to go back to the books, so I felt each part of my life gave me respite from the other.” Aww, RBG, we have all the warm fuzzies right now.

She and her husband, Marty, have been splitting house chores 50-50 for a long damn time

Yep: when RBG was co-creating the Women’s Rights Project at the ACLU in the 1970s, she and her husband were working as a team. Nobody puts RBG in the kitchen — unless she wants to be there.

RBG has never had time for guilt over traditional gender roles

In fact, she was overjoyed when Marty assumed all kitchen duties: “Marty took over the kitchen entirely and I was phased out of it, to the everlasting appreciation of my food loving children. I’ll tell you, I appreciated that.” Oh YES YOU DID. We would too.

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She’s a terrific role model for young girls

Did you know that RBG is a killer pen pal, frequently taking time out to write to her many fans? #AlsoNotAnAlternativeFact

She is relatable, admitting there were plenty of times she was not Mom of the Year

“Jane came out to the living room where I was with my typewriter and my books and her mouth was filled with mothballs,” Judge Ginsburg told The Atlantic. ”We went off to the Cambridge City Hospital to have her stomach pumped and thank goodness she hadn’t actually ingested [any].” Yup. We’ve been there.

She’s got her priorities solidly in place

“[W]hen that child was screaming I realized the practice exams, which were coming up, were not all that important,” Ginsburg also said about the infamous mothball incident. “Having Jane gave me a better sense of what life is.” That’s awesome, RBG. Juuuust so long as you know that, right now, your job is definitely more important than those practice exams. We need you, Ruth.

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