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Married at First Sight’s Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Are Expecting Again After Loss

Look, not everybody’s baby news will break the internet like Beyoncé’s did yesterday (most liked picture in the history of Instagram…not bad, Bey).

There’s another pregnancy announcement this week that made us feel, well, all the feels. Just in a different way. Some couples you can’t help but root for — especially when they’ve gone through a loss like Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner of Married at First Sight.

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In July, the couple revealed on Instagram in several posts that Otis had suffered a miscarriage.

She wrote: “Not a day goes by that I don’t wake up thinking of you, Baby Hehner. I know I have to get back to ‘normal life’ but I just don’t know how to.” And everyone’s heart pretty much broke.

Otis also posted: “Today daddy and I are going to pick out a perfect name for you. We love you so much. I hope you’re bouncing on clouds and feeling loved all the way up in heaven.” They named their first child Johnathan, and Otis vowed to keep blogging about the pain and the stigma of miscarriage — which disturbed many fans when she also shared a crushing photo of her and her husband holding their deceased son. We know. Heavy stuff, OK? We know.

But we respect Otis’ refusal to stop talking because it makes some people uncomfortable: “I want to say sorry if this offends you. However, if there’s one thing my husband has taught me it’s this: ‘Don’t live life trying NOT to offend anyone and trying to please everyone.’ I hope… you’ll realize that he’s a harmless, helpless baby who deserves to be remembered, not hidden away because his image may offend someone…Unfortunately, 1 in 4 women are affected by this. Yet, no one talks about it. I hope this can change. I’ll be the first in my circle. You be the first in yours. My prayers go out to everyone who has lost their sweet baby too early.”

Luckily, there’s excellent news for the couple, who just posted a photo packed with cute: 

“We are PREGNANT!!! Our sweet Baby Hehner is due this August,” Otis wrote. “PS forgive me for my unbuttoned jeans. I’m at that awkward stage where I don’t quite fill out maternity jeans but I definitely don’t fit in my regular clothes.”

Jamie, you’ve got nothing to apologize for in our book. (You look fabulous, by the way.) 

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