Mad Men’s James Wolk and His Wife Just Had a Baby, and He’s Adorable About It

We admit it. We get pretty tired of celeb dads being praised to death for tweeting about changing a diaper or escorting their hot Victoria’s Secret model baby mamas to ultrasound appointments. Because, hey, newsflash, guys — it’s what you should be doing. And it’s not very hard to be excited when a baby kicks in utero or looks like it’s flashing you a peace sign in the sonogram printout. This is normal, expected, non-serial killer behavior. Polite nods from us, no applause.

Um. That said.

Do we occasionally make a gushy exception when a celeb dad is so freaking happy about being a dad that his Twitter and Instagram feeds are all silhouetted wife bellies (one wife; this is not Sister Wives) and DIY nursery bookshelves? Why, yes. Yes, we do.

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Do we contradict ourselves? Very well, then, we contradict ourselves. We are large at SheKnows; we contain multitudes, just like you and Walt Whitman.

Our celebrity daddy crush of the month: James Wolk, who played the deliciously clueless Bob Benson on Mad Men. We confess that he was flying under our radar a bit then, but oh, no more.

Wolk and wife, Elizabeth Jae Byrd, just had their first child, Charlie.

I mean.

And the lead-up to the birth has been almost as sweet as Charlie’s first pic as an air-breather.

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What have we learned about Wolk on his road to fatherhood from Twitter and Instagram? Wolk read to his wife’s belly when she was pregnant; he built nursery shelves (please come build things at our house, K, thx, bye); and his wife filmed a video of him dancing to Elvis in their living room. The Mad Men and Zoo star is not only prime Papa material, he’s an adoring husband, an advocate for mental health and a total dork, taking airplane selfies of Breathe Right strips lost in his chest hair (he is hashtag allergic to cats). If that’s all not enough to fluff your stuff? He’s also got a solid bromance going with our favorite This Is Us/Gilmore Girls crush, Milo Ventimiglia. Unf.

Congrats, Baby Charlie. You lucked out in the dad department, it seems. And, oh, Wolk? Please never stop tweeting and posting ridiculously sweet things because you are a great big human puppy-man. And sometimes this world really needs a few great big human puppy-men.