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Felicia Day Has a Baby Girl (and We’re Loving the Name)

What is with these impressively sneaky celebs having babies and not inviting us to the birth? So rude.

But we’ll give Felicia Day a pass, because, well, she’s Felicia Day. And what’s not to love about a celebrity mom who announces her pregnancy three weeks before the due date with a tweet and a pic captioned, “She’s coming in about three weeks so I guess I should announce this and stuff”?

While wearing a trucker hat that reads: As seen on YOUR MOM.

She’s our kind of woman — definitely a contender for BFF if she’ll have us.

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Anyway, the Supernatural star and Geek & Sundry founder tweeted a pretty adorable picture of her new daughter’s feet on Monday, announcing her arrival: 

Calliope is Day’s first child. And Calliope Maeve is not the kind of name you find at tourist rest stops on displays of personalized refrigerator magnets. (Sorry, Calliope. You’ll get used to the regular disappointment.) But we kind of love the name. And because we’re all smart and stuff, we looked up “Calliope” and discovered she was an ancient Greek muse. And Maeve? Well, that’s just cool and Celtic.

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Keep us posted on the new arrival, Felicia. And keep wearing those trucker hats — you are totally rocking them. Also, call us. We’ll bring over some baby socks. (You’re not going to call us, are you?) 

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