Quiz: What’s Your Baby Name Style?

We have more baby names listed on SheKnows than you could probably consider in a single lifetime. Where’s a parent-to-be to begin?

Well, for starters, you search deep, deep within yourself. If you’re an edgy studded-belt kind of mom, you’re not going to name your child Clarabella. If you love horses and flannel, you’re unlikely to name your child Jax. Your baby’s name is going to reflect your personality. That’s just how it goes.

So get to know yourself a little better with this fun and yet also strangely informative quiz. Find out which baby name category best fits your style, and then check out the links below the quiz.

So, what’d you get?

Old-fashioned: Check out our old-fashioned baby names.

Modern: Here are our modern names for girls and modern names for boys.

Quirky: Visit our quirky baby name list.

Classic: Classic baby names are for you.