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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Continue to Be Adorable Parents and Human Beings

Famed sloth-lover Kristen Bell and her spouse Dax Shepard continue to top our list of married-with-kids celebs that we’d most want to hang out with.

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The couple executed their latest charm attack on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, where they relayed a very funny story revealing their shared crush on The Night Of actor Riz Ahmed, well — to Riz Ahmed, who, understandably, seemed kind of freaked out.

Shepard said, “I said to him, ‘Hey, my wife has a crush on you. I’d love to introduce you to her,’ thinking she’d be nervous to say that.”

Not so much. “Out of my mouth came, ‘I find you very attractive,'” Bell told DeGeneres.

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The couple who crushes on the same celebrity together totally stays together. You know what else keeps a couple together? Breast pump humor. Definitely breast pump humor.

Bell and Shepard also chatted with DeGeneres about their upcoming movie together, CHiPs, a retooling of the ’70s cop show. (We hope the hair is just as feathered as it was in the ’70s, if not more so.) Bell, who is playing the very unlikable trophy wife of Dax’s character, wanted bigger boobs for her scenes. So she skipped her breast pump for an entire day while breastfeeding younger daughter Delta. Presto!

It worked, but ouch. Bell said that the experience was her “version of Christian Bale losing 125 pounds or something.” Bell and Shepard then kissed, because they literally don’t know how to have a conversation that’s not off-the-charts cute — even if it contains breast pumps and Christian Bale, who never thought he’d wind up in a conversation about breast pumps.

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Bell and Shepard have two daughters together, Lincoln and Delta, and still seem to really, really, really love spending time together, those crazy kids. In 2015, Bell told Natural Health magazine, “Before we had kids, I’d say to Dax, ‘I don’t want to be like those people.’ I saw a few parents I didn’t envy and was terrified I’d become crotchety and close-minded like them. And he said, ‘Those people had bad personalities before they had kids.’ Which is maybe the best point ever made. I was like, ‘You’re right! And we’re fun, so let’s stay fun.’”

Mission accomplished, Kristen and Dax.

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