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Kate Middleton visits a children’s hospice and warms our cold hearts

US Weekly is positively gushing over the emerald skirt suit ensemble the former Kate Middleton wore yesterday on her visit to a children’s hospice in Quidenham, England. (Yes. Really. Quidenham. You adorable, adorable Brits.) 

And don’t get us wrong, it’s a very nice outfit. We’re just way more swoony about the way Kate handles herself around kids. Every. Single. Time. Darn it, Kate! Stop making us all mushy. We are totally losing our street cred.

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She may be the mother of the heirs to the British throne — Prince George, 3, and Princess Charlotte, 20 months — but it ain’t no big thang. The Duchess of Cambridge (can’t we call her “princess”? “Duchess” is so musty) loves every kid who crosses her path, and we are pretty sure she is going to start taking them all home or at least giving out Shetland ponies and extra corgis that the queen has lying around.

Yesterday during her official duties as Royal Patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, the duchess (fiiine) was in her element. She was clearly delighted to be on the receiving end of a warm welcome from 40 schoolchildren at the Quidenham hospice. One of the children present was Nell, 4, who offered Kate a posy bouquet. Nell’s brother Finnbar received care from the Quidenham hospice due to his inoperable brain tumor and died last year.

Nell’s father, Tristan Cook, was deeply touched by Kate’s warmth. “She gave us a hug and said thank you for doing this… I think she was really trying to put herself in our situation. In the space of six months, we had to watch [Finnbar] go from being a healthy 5-year-old, going to school, to watch him become so unwell.”

Also to be filed under “Hugs All Around”: Kate spent time with Nell’s mom Claire Cook as well. Claire Cook shared, ”She said to me, ‘I’m a mum and I can’t imagine what you’ve been through.’ She had lots of questions.” 

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One mother at the hospice, Michaela, said that the duchess “was very down-to-earth and happy to sit with [my daughter] Isabella.” Michaela’s other daughter, Daisy, became Kate’s new BFF and we are totally jealous.

“Daisy asked her what it was like to be a real princess, and Kate said she’s very well-looked after by her husband,” said Michaela. “Daisy is 4 and absolutely loves princesses.” 

WE FEEL YOU, DAISY. Especially the ones who are amazeballs with kids.

Kate met with volunteers and donors as well as families, and OH SO CHARMINGLY (we’re trying to settle down, we really are) admitted that her first royal speech was “terrifying.” Oh, you. Stop. Don’t stop.

The duchess also played with kids in an art therapy session, admiring the room’s collection of plastic dinosaurs and saying, “I can see these going down very well with someone I know!”

Readers, we present to you a duchess who is tickled by plastic dinosaurs. We cannot unknow this. We cannot unlove this. You’ll just have to deal with our serious Kateophilia. We’re sorry. She is officially #MomGoals. Long live Princess Kate. Er. Duchess. Whatever.

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