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Sherri Shepherd slams her ex’s frivolous child support bid

Personally? We wouldn’t want to be on Sherri Shepherd’s bad side. Just sayin’.

Shepherd, a former co-host of The View, is feeling pretty victorious. She told People that a judge smacked down her ex-husband Lamar Sally’s request for a hike in child support payments for the couple’s son, Lamar Sally Jr.

Let us catch you up: The boy, conceived with Sally’s sperm and a donor egg, was born via surrogate in August 2014 after Shepherd and ex-husband Lamar Sally had broken up. (Hoo boy. You knew this wasn’t going to be pretty, right?) 

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Shepherd made headlines (big! BIG!) for her decision to walk away from the child (to whom she is not related genetically) and Sally has been raising him alone.

In April and November 2015, Pennsylvania courts ruled that Shepherd’s name — not the surrogate, who is the biological mother — would remain on Lamar Jr.’s birth certificate. The courts also ruled that Shepherd would be responsible for paying Lamar Sr. child support — despite Shepherd not having any sort of relationship with the 2-year-old. Got all that?

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Sally then upped the ante by filing for a “modification of child support due to Shepherd’s increased earnings.” And Shepherd, well, she was having none of that. Nope. So she’s reportedly over the moon that the California family court was having none of that, either.

A rep for Shep (heh) told People, “Shepherd had a huge victory in the California family court. Sally and his counsel were humiliated as the judge flat out denied his request and politely asked Sally to be seated in the audience, away from counsel table so he could properly dispose of the matter.” INSERT GAVEL BANG.

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Interestingly, the amount of child support Shepherd is currently paying her ex-husband — over $4,000 a month — is more than the state of New Jersey requires her to pay. What were you thinking, Sally Sr.? Shepherd’s rep added, “…if Sally wanted to revisit the matter in a New Jersey court he would likely face having his payments reduced substantially.” 

The rep’s statement concluded: “Shepherd now hopes that her ex will stop his frivolous attempts to get more money out of her and will seek gainful employment to take care of his child like any other capable parent.” Burrrrrn.

We have a feeling Shepherd’s not quite ready to let the matter slide. E! Online reported today that Shepherd took to Twitter Tuesday night to post Lamar’s dating profile from Black People Meet (DO NOT MESS WITH THE SHEPHERD, PEOPLE) with a warning to fans: 

“#BEWARE In court docs he says he only works 20-30 hours/wk. But his dating profile says $100k #Liar #WatchOut #Scam,” she wrote Tuesday evening. And it’s not the first time Shepherd’s taken to Twitter to rant about her exes, either.

A little advice for you, Lamar: You might have to scooch on over to OK Cupid, buddy. And maybe change up that profile pic.

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