Chelsea Clinton to SNL writer: Leave Barron Trump alone

Chelsea Clinton knows what it’s like to be a president’s kid. So she’s not in the mood for any of your Barron Trump jokes.

On her official Facebook page today, Chelsea Clinton went to bat on behalf of fellow White House kid, 10-year-old Barron Trump, who was denigrated in an extremely unfunny joke by a Saturday Night Live writer on Twitter.

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Now, if you stayed in bed with the covers yanked over your head all day Inauguration Day, you might have missed a petite brouhaha (and by “petite brouhaha,” we mean “flaming apocalyptic brawl”) started by Weekend Update writer Katie Rich, who tweeted that Barron Trump — the only child of President Trump and first lady Melania Trump — “will grow up to become America’s ‘first homeschool shooter.'”

Ohhhhh, dear. (Facepalm.) Thanks, Katie. You’re not really helping us with that whole National Endowment of the Arts funding thing with material like that.

Clinton (and most of America) rushed to Barron’s defense. Which is heartening, because did we mention he’s 10? And we believe you’ve met his father? SO LAY OFF THE BOY, EVERYBODY. Gilded toilets or no, Barron’s life is decidedly not a bowl of cherries.

Clinton wrote, “Barron deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid.”

She added, “Standing up for every kid also means opposing POTUS policies that hurt kids.”

(We see what you did there, Chelsea. And we like it, we admit it.) 

Commenters on Clinton’s FB page were mostly positive, praising Clinton’s defense of Barron. One commenter wrote:

“Kids are off limits. Barron deserves to be left out of the fray. He didn’t ask to be thrown into this kind of spotlight. Thank you, Chelsea. You went through it yourself, and it’s not fair!”

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Others were more cynical (gee, we’re shocked): 

“Sorry, but Barron is the least of my concerns. He won’t have to go to a public school with Betty DeVos [sic] at the head of the Department of Education. I appreciate your unique perspective, but I think Barron’s billion inheritance should soften the blow should his feelings be hurt.” 

Nope. How about we make every kid our concern, including Barron? We’re down with that.

FWIW, Rich deleted her controversial tweet after only three hours — for a while, she set her Twitter account to private, but has since gone public again, with the following apology: 

She has been suspended indefinitely from SNL. (And, from our cursory Twitter search, she seems to be the subject of numerous threats, now. Ah, Twitter. You never fail to bring out the worst in people.)


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