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No more pregnancies for Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, thanks, she’s had enough PPD

We like Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett. She’s kind of like our hot college roommate who was super-sweet, had no idea how hot she was and would devour a large pepperoni pizza at 2 a.m. with us during midterms.

Only, you know, not exactly, because she’s Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett — model, reality TV star author and wife of an NFL wide receiver. So there’s that.

Still, Wilkinson is relatable, especially on the topic of postpartum depression. The Kendra on Top star has never shied away from discussing her battle with postpartum depression, which wreaked havoc in her life after the births of both children (Hank Jr., born in 2009, and daughter Alijah, now 2).

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“I had postpartum after little Hank and then I was dealing with chaos after Alijah with postpartum, so I had pretty bad experiences right after having each kid,” Wilkinson told E! News recently.

She encouraged other moms struggling with postpartum depression to seek out professional help and (this part gave us some pause) stop bothering bewildered onlookers.

“You shouldn’t vent and open up to your husband, your boyfriend, your friend because they’re not professionals, they don’t know the right thing to say to you and putting them in that position is tricky,” she said. “It’s so much pressure.” 

Well, huh. That’s maybe easier said than done when you’re bawling on the bathroom floor with an infant bawling in your lap and the only other human around is THE MALE PERSON WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THIS SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS. But OK. Professional help is good. You’re right about that, at least. But, you know, you also get to open up to your friends and loved ones, Kendra. Don’t keep it in!

Wilkinson explained to E! that she’s open to having more kids — but another pregnancy is not in the cards.

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“If we were to agree to [have more kids], we would agree to adopt because I’m happier when I feel like I can wear hot clothes and feel good in my own skin and not have to fix a lot,” said Wilkinson.

Bless her lamb-y heart. Getting to wear hot clothes and feel good and not “fix a lot” sounds pretty good to us too. No argument from us, Kendra. Want to split a pizza?

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