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Amal Clooney is or is not pregnant with George Clooney’s perfect offspring

Amal Clooney is pregnant with twins. Unless she is not pregnant with twins, which is also totally possible.

Maybe she’s pregnant with twin giraffes. Or sloth triplets! Roomba sextuplets! A dozen Tony Bennett impersonators!

While of course it’s likely that all that resides in Amal Clooney’s sacred lady container are sparkling droplets of Lake Como water and some standard uterine lining, it’s way, way more fun to speculate right along with the Daily Mail, who would bet their booty that Clooney is absolutely “pregnant with twins.”

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This whisper-down-the-lane nugget of dubious info was sparked by a couple of recent photos of Mrs. George Clooney appearing to “show off a bump.” 

“The looker seemed to have a bit of a belly at the Credit Suisse Women Of Impact dinner in Davos Switzerland on Tuesday,” gushed the Daily Mail. Oh, Daily Mail, you flatterers. What woman — celeb or nay — doesn’t love hearing about her “bit of a belly” in the media? Amal must be over the moon.

Personally, we think “bump” is stretching it a bit, and it’s just as likely that Clooney simply overindulged in Perrier or other fizzy lifting drinks. And if that’s a “bit of a belly,” we all want to grow up and have a bit of a belly too.

In Touch Weekly has also jumped on board the Clooney baby train. In Touch swears on its grandmother’s grave that two wee bairns are a-growin’ in Clooney’s womb. In Touch nearly peed itself on the rug like a nervous Chihuahua whilst reporting the bonus tidbit from their source:

“Amal is pregnant with twins: a boy and a girl,” said the InTouch source. “When George and Amal found out it was twins they were surprised, but also a little scared because they both had said that one was enough. But the news that it was a boy and a girl made them both really happy.”

We’ll believe it when we get the shower invitation. We’re curmudgeons like that.

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