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Yes, a few Girl Scouts marched at the inauguration — and that’s OK

Today, 75 representatives from the Girl Scouts marched in the parade for Donald Trump’s inauguration. The organization has been getting a lot of heat on Twitter about this decision, with many questioning the choice of a group meant to represent our future female leaders marching for a man who has been accused of sexual assault. There are even some saying that they will withdraw their daughters from the Girls Scouts and will boycott their cookie sales, which is ridiculous because Thin Mints are the second-greatest cookies ever created (behind Mallomars, of course).

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But seriously, yes, given our next president’s views on women, many are understandably upset that these little girls will be honoring him today. On Twitter, the Girl Scouts explained their decision this way: 

They also tweeted and pinned the following:

The Girl Scouts have decided that they represent all girls, including girls who may not support what some of us feel is the “correct” side of the political divide. What seems to have been overlooked by many is that far more Girl Scouts will be attending the Women’s March on Washington tomorrow.

The Girl Scouts is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization that has been participating in the inauguration for 100 years — the fact that they will be there again this year while also having a presence at the Women’s March seems perfectly appropriate for a group that is meant to encourage free thinking and wants our young women to grow up to stand for what they believe in.

So let’s leave the Girl Scouts alone, huh? And if you must boycott, then please send all the Thin Mints to me.

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