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Pink’s daughter is mighty jealous of her new baby brother

Oh, man. I love me some Pink — and it’s not just because my high school best friend’s mother used to sing karaoke with Pink’s mother on Friday nights at an Irish bar in Philly. (But she totally did.)

No, I’ve always loved Pink’s whole unapologetic approach to marriage and motherhood — the good, the bad and the messy. And now that new baby son Jameson Moon is on the scene, I have to say: I am fangirling even harder.

Apparently, Pink’s 5-year-old daughter, Willow Sage, is not having any of this little brother garbage, which is understandable because, hey, when your parents are rock star Pink and motocross racer Carey Hart, you can imagine the kind of awesome swag that’s pouring into that house for baby Jameson.

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According to Pink, Willow is super-jealous of her new brother. When Ellen DeGeneres asked Pink how she’s handling Willow’s mixed reaction, Pink confessed, ”I do all kinds of stuff…. She’s a little weepy these days, so we’re working it out.”

“All kinds of stuff” includes an official big sister party in honor of Willow. Pink shared pictures on Instagram of the fete, complete with helium balloons and a “Congrats Big Sis!” cake.

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Congrats Big Sis! #bigsisterparty

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Dang. Why didn’t I think of that? We sure could have used a big sis party at my house when my second daughter arrived on the scene. My newborn’s 2-year-old big sis was less than thrilled, and took any chance she could to bend her little sister’s tiny fingers backward as far as they would go (uh, not far — do not try this at home or let older siblings try this at home).

Pink also admitted, “I literally put Jameson down when [Willow] walks in the room.” Hey, you can cry foul all you want. You can say Willow just needs to grow a pair (OK, so you probably didn’t just think, That 5-year-old needs to grow a pair, but you know what I mean). But I say Pink’s compassionate handling of her daughter’s jealousy will pay off big time in the long run. And you can quote me on that.

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