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Matthew McConaughey’s daughter is smarter than he is

All right, all right, all right. We can totally get behind Matthew McConaughey’s parenting observations about the differences between girls and boys.

The Oscar-winning star and father of daughter, Vida, 7, and sons, Levi, 8, and Livingston, 4, told People that he thinks girls “are smarter quicker. They just mature quicker, they just get it quicker.”

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Aw, Matthew. Flattery will get you everywhere.

McConaughey is a big fan of his daughter’s out-of-the-box thinking. “My daughter gets to the bottom of situations quicker than I do,” he said. “My son and I try to figure out where the car keys are and go through ideas [like], ‘Could they be in the coat you wore yesterday? Or maybe Livingston took ’em and put ’em over here.’ Vida’ll just walk by and go, ‘Did you check the ignition?’ And sure enough, they’re in the ignition.”

Yup. Because that’s HOW WE DO.

Sounds like the Vida apple doesn’t fall far from the Mama tree, either. McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves, is another cool-headed thinker according to McConaughey. Apparently, Alves took her sweet time before agreeing to a date with him. (Nice!) His cooking finally won her over. The unfairly good-looking pair met in 2006, got engaged on Christmas Day 2011 and got hitched in June 2012.

By all accounts, theirs is one of the most solid, lovey-dovey celeb marriages out there, with McConaughey, Alves and their kids frequently spotted out and about spreading all sorts of photogenic joy and snuggly PDA. .

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We have a crush on the whole adorable family. Vida, just make sure Daddy doesn’t lock his keys in the car, OK?

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