Little Big Town‘s Kimberly Schlapman has adopted a baby girl

Country singer Kimberly Schlapman’s 9-year-old daughter Daisy Pearl is a lucky girl. She asked Santa for a little sister, and that’s what she got.

The Schlapmans welcomed a new baby girl on New Year’s Eve via domestic adoption, and introduced Dolly to the world on Instagram with a cute family portrait. Let’s hope Daisy doesn’t begin to regret her Christmas wish when Dolly wakes them all up in the middle of the night. (Celebrity babies cry too, right?)

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Dolly might not be as popular as it once was (in the 1880s it was a regular in the top 300) but for a baby born into the Little Big Town family, what could be more appropriate? It’s only the name of the world’s most famous country diva.

(Yes, we are totally picturing a newborn Parton. Leopard print romper suit, sequined burp cloth… the works.) 

Kimberly and Steve Schlapman recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, but the Grammy-winning Little Big Town, whose hits include “Girl Crush” and “Better Man,” have been together even longer — an impressive 18 years.

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