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Kim Kardashian West’s new family photos are, well, spooky

Hey, we like a good Kardashian update like anyone else. And Kim Kardashian West has been notably MIA on social media since her terrifying armed robbery in Paris this past October. So we were super-chuffed to see Kim back on Instagram, sharing family pics (including her OMG-THOSE-CHEEKS son, Saint West, who turned one on Dec. 5).

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But, uh, Kim? What’s with the blurry 1973 Polaroid filter? Where are you? Where has all your furniture gone? PLEASE GET OUT NOW BEFORE THE GIRL FROM “THE RING” COMES.

The recent string of pics is apparently part of a “new photo series” by Kardashian’s husband Kanye West’s creative director, Eli Russell Linnetz. (Say that three times fast and you automatically become a Kardashian.) Kardashian has been breathlessly sharing Linnetz’s oddly meh images with fans, both on social media and her paid app.

In the series, the Kardashian-West posse seems to exist within the confines of a bizarre, impoverished, wood-paneled vacuum. The foursome poses aimlessly inside and outside an abandoned shack — er, retro-rustic-minimalist environment — with Kardashian, West and North clad in white and Saint sporting a Santa-red velour tracksuit.

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The photos mark a decidedly different look at the famous family: West eats cereal standing alone at a sink.

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North and Saint attempt to play in the dim lighting.

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Kardashian listlessly observes her children as they clutch at a windowed door, presumably trying to escape. (Go, North! Go, Saint! Before it’s too late!)

We’re a little confused. You’re the Posh Spice of the Kardashians, Kim. A fade filter and a haunted cabin do not a masterpiece make. A Linnetz is not a Leibovitz. You know these things, girl. We know you know.

And yet, according to an insider, “Kim is obsessed. She loves the way they look.”

Us Weekly has also drunk the creative Kool-Aid, referring to the images as “striking photos.” Um. OK. And plenty of fans are praising the photo style.

Some commenters, though, are less impressed with the photo series. ”This isn’t your house. We know you wouldn’t buy this couch for your living room,” one fan commented. One fan had concerns about the carpeting, asking, “Where tf are they. And is that a bug” on a shot of Kardashian watching Saint play on a not-quite-clean shag rug.

Well, if Kimye is happy, that’s all that matters. Still, you guys really might want to vacuum first next time. And maybe bring in a medium, just in case.

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