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Is there a Duggar due-date conspiracy?

This just in: The Russians have hacked into Jessa Duggar’s pregnancy.

OK, so Russia’s off the hook for this one. (Maybe.) But Jessa Duggar’s current going-on-four-days absence from Instagram has kicked up a lot of dust in Duggar conspiracy theorist circles.

In fact, there’s a crazy amount of speculation that Duggar fudged her due date and we might be in the dark about when Spurgeon’s sequel will really be on the scene. Treason!

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OK, fine, maybe not treason. But how are we supposed to get anything done wondering about this, people? Isn’t it bad enough that they refuse to tell us (again) if it’s a boy or a girl?

Based on Jessa Duggar Seewald’s own social media posts, she was 34 weeks pregnant two weeks ago, making her about 36 weeks pregnant now. (We’re good at math.) She and her adorably swathed baby bump appeared last on Instagram three days ago tagged at 36 weeks. That would seem to add up, right?

Not for some hardcore Duggar fans, who believe that Jessa is actually ready to pop any day now — and maybe already has in her short break from Instagram. It’s true that Jessa does tend to be a daily poster on Instagram, but can’t a pregnant Duggar take a few days off and prop her feet up while toddler Spurgeon throws Cheerios at the TV?

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Apparently not. And why are some fans so suspicious? Well, there was that whole concealing-the-second-pregnancy from the media for most of her first trimester and lack of subsequent jail time. It’s almost as if this stuff doesn’t matter!

Still, some fans maintain that the due date is sketchy and “is a lie designed to manipulate fans and boost ratings.” The Hollywood Gossip’s gone so far as to announce Jessa’s “bracing for an early delivery.” 

Oh, you cynics. Can’t a reality-TV family-turned-empire just pop their mucous plugs in peace on their own time?

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