Utah mom’s viral video says everything about being a parent

If you’ve never shut yourself in a room to get away from your kids, well — we don’t believe you.

Regardless of how many kids they need to escape from, all parents can relate to the recent video posted by Utah mom Ashley Gardner. In only 34 seconds, Gardner totally nails what parenting is like. Oh, and she has quadruplets, so all you parents of single babies can go right ahead and multiply your need for a break by four.

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Eating a piece of licorice in the video shared to the family’s Facebook page Tuesday, Gardner explains that she “desperately needed a treat to make it through the night” with her kids. And one look under the closed pantry door reveals exactly why.

“They don’t ever go away,” Gardner continues as she eats the candy, the sounds of her four daughters in the background. “They want everything you have.”

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Hundreds of parents have left comments identifying with the Gardners, who have been known on social media since their 2014 YouTube video showing their reaction to the news they were expecting quadruplets (after eight years of infertility struggles) went viral.

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