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Video shows toddler rescuing his twin brother after dresser tips over

This is hard to watch. It helps that both kids ended up OK, but man, it’s still hard.

Brock and Bowdy Shoff are twin boys living in Utah with their parents, Ricky and Kayli. This incident was captured on a home surveillance camera. The boys were climbing the dresser when it fell over on both of them. Bowdy got free right away and worked for over two minutes to free his brother, who eventually rolled away — unscathed, if (understandably) upset.

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Their parents were, understandably, reluctant to share this video online. (Read a few of the comments on the YouTube video and it’s not hard to see why.) But, as Ricky told CNN, “a lot of parents have probably made the same mistake that we made, [they] don’t have their furniture secure or bolted to a wall.”

Unbelievably, one child dies every two weeks from a furniture or appliance tip-over accident. “Children like to climb on furniture. For them, the home is a playground,” says the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

These deaths are all completely preventable.

Let this serve as an important reminder to us all that there are hazards for small children in every room — not just kid’s bedrooms. Secure all top-heavy furniture by anchoring it to the wall, and to prevent climbing, keep tempting objects off the top of furniture. For more tips and an updated list of tip-over-related recalls, check out the CPSC’s tip-over information center.

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