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Why Diego Luna’s 8-year-old shared ‘Star Wars’ secrets

Keeping secrets is hard for kids. Keeping secrets when you’re 8 years old and your dad is starring in the new Stars Wars movie is… harder. That’s what Diego Luna, star of the box office hit Rogue One, found out last year after he took his son to the movie’s set.

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Luna’s son Jerónimo was the envy of all elementary school students everywhere when he and his 6-year-old sister Fiona got to accompany his dad to set last summer while Luna was filming. In an interview last month on Conan, Luna talked about how excited his son was to see the X-wing fighters and all the weapons. “Fantastic day,” he said, “The best day in his life.” But then one of the producers came up to his son and said, “Hey kiddo, we’re so glad to have you here, and we just want to remind you that you cannot talk about what happened here [for] a year, OK?” Luna said that his son agreed but, being 8, there was only so long he could hang onto what was the world’s coolest kid info.

Five months after the set visit, Luna and his son were on vacation when he saw the boy talking with a group of four teenage girls. When he went over to investigate, he told Yahoo News that he heard his son say, “Well, no, this film has no Jedis; it’s just rebels…”

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Still, Luna couldn’t help but be a little proud of his young man, who clearly already knows how to work the ladies. “But he did it for the right reason, right? He was talking to the girls and he got their attention. I had to talk to him later to remind him you cannot tell people… but I wanted to say, ‘But that was a good move!'”

It seems that Jerónimo’s secret-spilling hasn’t negatively affected box office. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which has been out for a little over two weeks, has already earned $615 million.

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