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Jesse and Ann Csincsak bring another baby into the Bachelor family

Former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders have had another baby.

We actually have no idea how these two got together (Csincsak was the “winner” of The Bachelorette Season 4 and Lueders was a contestant in The Bachelor season 13), but they have managed to have three kids together, so yay!

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Son Carter James Csincsak arrived on Dec. 27 and is named after Lueders’ late father, Brian Carter Lueders. (Carter also means “cart driver” or “cart maker,” but we’ll skip past that.) The new arrival joins big sister Charlotte Jean, 2, and brother Noah Theodore, 5.

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Csincsak and Lueders’ latest bundle of joy is yet further proof that while appearing on The Bachelor — even winning it, because Csincsak did get his hands on that oh-so covetable final rose — is no guarantee of lasting love, it is a pretty good way to get on the baby train. We’ve lost count of the number of Bachelor babies who’ve been born since the show started way back in 2002. Clue: It’s a lot.

Die-hard fans of the ABC dating show will already know that baby Carter makes his mom and dad the very first Bachelor alums to have three children together. To the rest of you: You’re welcome.

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