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The first picture of Kobe Bryant’s new baby is out

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant welcomed their third daughter last week, and darn, does that child have good genes.

The couple, also parents to 13-year-old Natalia and 10-year-old Gianna, shared a picture of their new baby girl on their Instagram accounts Wednesday. Yes, she’s a beaut.

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They also revealed her name: Bianka Bella Bryant.

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Bianka is a variation of Bianca, an Italian name meaning “white” that’s been popular with American parents since the 1990s. Pop culture Biancas include the elegant mouse in Disney’s 1977 animated movie The Rescuers and the Shakespearean characters in two plays, Othello and The Taming of the Shrew. But it’s perhaps thanks to the first Mrs. Mick Jagger that the name first charted in the U.S. chart — it went on to reach a high of No. 84 in 1990 and ranked at No. 379 in 2015.

However, the spelling Bianka is perhaps better suited to the daughter of a former NBA superstar. German tennis player Bianka Lamade, Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast Bianka Panova and German Olympic rower Bianka Schwede are three sporty bearers of the name.

Speculation that the K in the new baby’s name stands for Kobe remains unconfirmed. Stay tuned, celebrity baby name fans.

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