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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ baby name secret is out

Brace yourselves: We now know the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s second daughter, a mere two months after she was born.

According to US Weekly, the little girl is called Ines — a name that’s popular in many countries with slight variations, depending on the type of accent it has. The most common form is the Spanish Inés; in French, Tunisian and Moroccan, it’s normally Inès; and in Portuguese it’s Inês. Northern European languages that don’t give it an accent include Dutch, German and Swedish.

Does this mean Ines (without an accent, as reported) was named after German shot-putter Ines Müller or Swedish politician Ines Uusmann? The couple isn’t saying.

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We’d much rather believe that Ines (accent or no accent) was named after Inês de Castro, whose heartbreaking love story is worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Inês was a Galician noblewoman and the maid of Constance of Castile, who was married to Peter, heir to the Portuguese throne. Unfortunately for Constance, Peter fell in love with Inês (and the feeling was mutual.) After Constance died, Peter’s father, King Afonso, tried to marry him off to several other woman, but Peter only had eyes for Inês. As a result, Inês was murdered in front of Peter on the orders of Afonso (she didn’t meet his standards for queendom, apparently). The devastated heir sought revenge on the killers, hunting them down and ripping their hearts out of their chests. Peter never forgot Inês — when he eventually became king he made her his queen, exhumed her body and ordered the court to vow allegiance to her. That’s real love.

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The baby name news comes days after the entire Lively-Reynolds family (including big sister James, 2) made their first public appearance at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, where Reynolds was honored with a star.

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