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Hate group targets Highlights magazine

One Million Moms, an innocuously named association of grotesque hate-mongers, is calling for a boycott of noted liberal rag Highlights. Highlights, it seems, has decided to include same-sex families in their line of magazines. Women, married to each other, out in the open for everyone to see! Men, standing together in a playground or something, wearing matching wedding rings! How will the young, partially formed brains of the Highlights audience handle such a display?

A hell of a lot better than any of the One Million Moms, we’re guessing.

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One Million Moms, in case you didn’t know, is part of the American Family Association — which the Southern Poverty Law Center has called out as a hate group. (The worst groups always have the most innocuous names. That’s how you know them. Pro tip: if you happen upon a rally coordinated by a group called “I Like Soup” or “How About Giraffes?” run like hell.) 

One Million Moms regularly targets companies with inclusive and/or liberal policies and exhorts their minions to turn against them. Recent campaigns I’ve had the misfortune to read about on their site include “Zales attempts to normalize sin” and “Three convincing reasons to boycott Target this Christmas.” They are repulsive.

If you think Highlights is to be commended for including families of all types in its publications, please join us in letting them know. Here’s the Highlights contact form. And here’s their Facebook page.

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